Healing Spring Monastery - Plum Village
  • Spring / Summer 2020 in Healing Spring

    Attention: Due to the COVID-19-related confinement, all activities on site have been canceled until the beginning of February 2021 and remain uncertain thereafter. Thank you for your understanding. To register for each retreat, please go [...]

  • Monastère de la source Guérissante - Verdelot - Village des pruniers

    Autumn / Winter 2019 in Healing Spring

    The Healing Spring community has entered the 2019-2020 Rains Retreat, from October 20th to January 12th. We are practicing as a quadruple Sangha this year, because the sisters of the Maison de l'Inspir have moved [...]

  • Spring/Summer 2019 in Healing Spring

    This spring, the Healing Spring community continues to practice and settle after the first winter retreat. Once back from Plum Village and our rest period, we will open the doors of the monastery for those [...]

  • Brother Dai Giac thanks you and invites you to visit his new home

    Together we are creating a community and an environment where healing is possible. We have brought with us everything we have learnt at Plum Village. Each and every one of us will contribute, through his own [...]

  • Monastère de la source guérissante - verdelot - Village des pruniers

    Mary and Avalokiteshvara are sisters

    6 months ago, I told my mum that we’d settled on the Verdelot Priory as a location for our new monastery and she sighed with relief «O’ Lord, my long-standing wish has finally come true». [...]

  • Christmas and New Year celebrations

    The Christmas and New Year holidays are precious occasions to meet and celebrate our shared happiness as a family. For this first year, the community of brothers of the Healing Spring invites all the members [...]

The Monastery

The Healing Spring Monastery is a new center of mindfulness practice in the Plum Village tradition. The Monastics of Plum Village want to meet the growing demand for mindfulness retreats in France and especially in Paris. Lately, the Francophone retreats at Plum Village are fully booked months in advance and the Maison de l’Inspir in Paris is overflowing.

The monastics found the ideal setting for the new monastery at Verdelot, where a former nineteenth-century convent is waiting to be turned into a retreat center. The buildings are ready to house 20 monks permanently and to welcome 20 guests during the night. After renovating another part of the building, 60 retreatants can stay overnight. There is 810 m2 of living space with a beautiful spiritual atmosphere – surrounded by 1.8 hectare of green hills with its own spring and two small rivers. The Healing Source Monastery forms a refuge in nature, surprisingly close to Paris and easily accessible from the capital by public transport (85 minutes from Gare de l’Est).

Attention : As a result of the confinement related to COVID-19 and all the uncertainties surrounding when and how it will be lifted, all group activities at Healing Spring Monastery are cancelled until the beginning of February 2021 and remain uncertain thereafter.

Thank you for your support and understanding.