Dear friends, it is our great pleasure to reopen our monasteries to welcome English speakers for some of our days of mindfulness

Days of mindfulness :

At the moment many of our days of mindfulness aren’t translated into english language, so if you wish to come for a Day of Mindfulness, please check on the list below if a translation will be provided or not..

The days of mindfulness are open to everyone: long-term practitioners as well as beginners.

Please bring a vegan dish with you to share with everyone, and put it on the veranda’s table upon arrival, so our cooking team will know how much they need to cook for lunch.

  • June 26th, day of mindfulness      (english translations provided)
  • July 3rd, day of mindfulness          no translation
  • July 10th, day of mindfulness        (english translations provided)
  • July 17th, day of mindfulness         no translation
  • July 24th, day of mindfulness       (english translations provided)
  • July 31st, day of mindfulness          no translation
  • August 7th, day of mindfulness with the “rose ceremony:” celebrating our parents.  (translation : not yet sure)

You are very welcome to offer a donation for your day with us, please deposit it in the meditation hall’s donation box. Thank you very much, this helps us live and continue to welcome you all.

Call for volunteers for translation

Dear friends, we aspire to offer the possibility to English-speaking people to come and participate in our retreats and mindfulness days.

To do this, we are looking for people who speak both languages: French and English, to help translate with us. It could be for days of mindfulness or for weekend retreats, just from time to time, or more often, depending on your wishes and availability. You don’t need to have any experience as a translator, just the desire to help us is enough. The best is if you are a little bit familiar with our practice.

Contact us and we will be very happy to call on your support from time to time.

For the first times we will accompany you, don’t worry we will adapt.

thank you