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The Healing Spring Monastery opens its doors regularly so that everyone can enjoy a day of practice together, for a Day of Mindfulness.

Program of the day

  • 9:30-45 Arrival at the monastery
  • 10:00Dharma Talk
  • 11:45 Walking Meditation
  • 12:30 Formal lunch all together
  • 15:00 Dharma sharing
  • 16:30 End of the day

Meal and registration

In order to facilitate the organization of the day, you are invited to bring a dish to share with everyone during lunch and organize your trip so as to arrive on time for the talk, if possible.

In addition, we will set up a page on which you can register, specifying with how many people you will come, what languages you understand and confirming that you will bring food to share with sangha for lunch. This page is not working at the moment but remember to check before your next visit.

How to come

You can consult this page to know how to come to the Healing Spring Monastery, including using our carsharing page.

If you come by car, consider offering to take someone by carsharing.

Take into account that buses to Verdelot are rare on Sundays and do not fit very well with the schedule of our Days of Mindfulness. If you can not come by car, maybe try carpooling.

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