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The Healing Spring Monastery opens for everyone to enjoy a day of practice together, on a Day of Mindfulness.

With the Vietnamese New Year approaching, this special Mindfulness Day will be the occasion for various traditional Vietnamese activities aimed at joyfully preparing the festivities to come.

Mindfulness day program

  • 9: 30-45 Arrival at the monastery
  • 10:00 Dharma Talk
  • 11:45 Walking meditation and hanging of the Buddha’s robe
  • 12:30 Lunch together
  • 15:00 Collective preparation of the Earth cakes
  • 16:30 End of the day

Meal and contribution

In order to facilitate the organization of the day, you are invited to bring a vegetarian dish to share with everyone for lunch and organize your trip so as to arrive on time for the Dharma Talk, if possible.

The participation to all the activities of the day is not conditioned by any payment, and you can find donation boxes to contribute mindfully to the operating and development costs of our monastery.

How to get there

You can check this page to find out how to get to Healing Spring Monastery, including our carpool page.

If you come by car, consider offering someone a ride.

Take into account that buses to Verdelot are rare on Sundays and do not fit very well with the schedules of our Days of Mindfulness. If you cannot come by car, maybe try carpooling.


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