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Dear friends,

The community of Earth Holders, Abrazadores de la Tierra and Gardien.nes de la Terre, is pleased to invite you to the “Earth Retreat” which will take place over 7 days from June 16 to 23, 2023.

It will be a hybrid retreat, both face-to-face and online, taking place in the three hamlets of Plum Village and also in the Paris area (Healing Spring and Maison de l’Inspir). The retreat at the Healing Spring Monastery will be in French and in English. It is possible that other hamlets in the world will also participate.

With the support of Mother Earth, we will co-create and share a space for our hearts and minds to explore the sensitive and essential issues of our time.

During this retreat, we will cultivate together our capacity to respond to the crises of our time. While we may tend to cling to the promises of a new “green technology” to address the crises of our time or to escape our feelings of despair and anger, we will see that the spiritual practice generated by the collective energy of mindfulness and concentration allows us to better understand the roots of environmental and societal issues, to see clearly how to act, and to carry our actions with love and freedom into the world.

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