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  • 15:30: Sharing / teaching of monastics
  • 17:00: meditative walk
  • 18:00: Meals all together
  • 19:30: Celebration all together
  • 22:00: Total relaxation and Touchers of the Earth
  • 23:30: Sitting in silence to welcome the new year
  • 00:00: New Year Ceremony
  • End of the evening

You are all invited to bring a vegan dish to share with everyone for Christmas dinner; salty, sweet, a little of both … let yourself be inspired by the magic of Christmas.

During the celebration of the evening, everyone is invited to offer song, music, dance, skit, story or nourishing sharing, in order to cultivate together the family energy of this evening. Think about it, and tell the brothers that you thought of something when you arrived.

Sleep on site

Those who wish are invited to stay sleeping in the meditation room on meditation mats, and to leave in the day of Tuesday, January 1. Please remember to bring your sleeping bag.

It is also possible to come for the week according to the normal program of winter retreat. You can also come for an extended weekend, from Friday 28 December to Tuesday 1 January. You are invited to register on the winter retreat page.

How to come

All informations on this page, please think about carsharing if you have extra seats :).

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