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On wednesday August 28th, during our vietnamese retreat, you are invited to take part in a Rose Ceremony with the presence of our elder sister Chân Không.

It will start with the ceremony itself starting at 4 pm, and continue with dinner and a celebration time from 8 pm to 10 pm latest.

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is a practice initiated by Thay in order to pay hommage and cultivate gratitude for our parents and ancestors.

The ceremony will be in vietnamese, translated into english.

Evening and night

Please bring your music instruments and artistic inspirations for the celebration evening.

Those who want so are invited to pass the night  in the meditation hall and go back home on Thursday morning. Make sure to bring your own sleeping bag or linens.

Meal and registration

In order to facilitate the organization of the day, you are invited to bring a vegetarian dish to share with everyone for dinnerand organize your trip so as to arrive on time for the ceremony.

Also please quickly registrer on this page.

How to come

You can check this page to find out how to get to Healing Spring Monastery, including our carpool page.

If you come by car, consider offering someone a ride.

If you cannot come by car, maybe try carpooling.

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