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The first Wake Up Retreat at the Healing Spring Monastery will take place from June 7 to 11, 2019.

Young and lively practice

Young adults (~18-35 years old) are invited to gather in our young monastery to cultivate our master’s vision of a way of life and practice that can bring joy, freedom and brotherhood/sisterhood to the very heart of the (hyper)active life that many young adults know today.

This retreat is an opportunity to enjoy all the practices of the Plum Village tradition and to cultivate the joy of being together, the great Wake Up community.

We will have a chance to sit, walk, eat, work, study, play, practice, listen and share from our hearts together in mindfulness, discovering a way of live that we can continue throughout our lives whenever and wherever we are, here and now.

Discovering the insights which we already have and to shine on our path of everyday life, a path of happiness.

Practical information

  • This retreat is open for men and women, speaking French or English, with a limited capacity.
  • The day of arrival of the retreat will be Friday, June 7th. To maintain the stability of the community please plan to join us for the whole duration of the week.
  • However, we may later open the possibility of registering for the weekend only, depending on availability.
  • The possible accommodations include the rooms of the monastery, camping places and possibly rooms of outside gites if necessary (trip of 3 mins on foot).
  • Please keep in mind that the installation of our still new monastery is an adventure that takes time and that we can not always offer the same conditions of comfort and organization as those of Plum Village.

How to enjoy the retreat

In order to fully enjoy your retreat at the monastery, it is important to follow the practice, organization and culture of the community. Please visit this page to learn more.

This will help you to fully and deeply appreciate your practice, as well as to respect and contribute to the energy of our monastic practice center.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing together these moments of practice and fraternity!


Friday June 7thTuesday June 11th


To organize this retreat, our small community needs support, especially for translations and for cooking. Those who are available and interested can sign up to participate in the retirement service on the dedicated page.