Why did you want to join the team of Healing Spring Monastery?

Brother Gio Dat - Healing Spring Monastery - 77510- Verdelot - Plum VillageThe Sangha suggested that we do so. I have lived in Upper Hamlet for 9 years now, so I am happy to try a new environment. Staying too long in one environment might make you easily satisfied with what you have. Since I love France, I decided to choose to join the Healing Spring Monastery sangha rather than go to a monastery in another country. I want to help the Vietnamese Sangha, and I want to learn French!

Why did you choose to become a monk?

Brother Gio Dat - Healing Spring Monastery - 77510- Verdelot - Plum VillageWhen I was a boy, I wondered about many things in life: Where I came from before being born? Who was I before being born? Why was I born? Who controlled the world? Who would I be after death? Is there anyway to understand the world? Why is there social inequality? I decided I wanted to research theses questions. I went to church to look for the answers, but I could not find them. Then I left the church and went to the temple. Luckily, I found the answers that I was looking for there. I dedicated myself to researching Buddha’s teaching for 6 years, from age 12 to 18. Finally, I decided to become a monk because I love the “Buddha path”(not the Buddha’s path).

What is your favorite book or quotation by Thay?

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”