Practical informations – Retreat2019-10-29T16:32:51+01:00
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Practical informations – Retreat

The Healing Spring Monastery invites you to come practice with us for a retreat, according to the general format of retreats at Plum Village, but with some differences. For this, we invite you to consult the information given on the Plum Village website about retreats, before reading about the few differences below.

Registration / Price2020-01-22T15:23:48+01:00

Registration / Price
You will find on the page of the retreat for which you wish to register the link to do it.
The usual contribution requested for the week is:

  • adults: 385 € / week
  • 12-17 years: 270 € / week
  • 6-11 years: 192 € / week
  • <5 years old: free (Do not forget to make a reservation for young children as well)

For the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, or from Friday to Monday, we ask a contribution of 50 € / night.
These contributions correspond to the needs for the daily functioning of our monastery, do not hesitate to make a donation if you wish to support the development of our community.
You are welcome to send us a request if you need financial support.

Duration of retreat2019-10-29T16:25:19+01:00

All periods for which we are open are indicated on this site. So remember to check that we are open before coming.
We welcome retreatants for the week as well as for the weekend (Friday to Sunday or Monday). It may be possible to stay several weeks in a row if our program allows.

Room Format2019-10-29T16:24:04+01:00

Be aware that all our rooms are similar, with 3/4 beds and shared bathroom and toilets with the residents of the floor. We do not have a single room or for two, which means that we usually ask couples to sleep in separate rooms.


You will find on this page all the information to come to the Healing Spring Monastery, including public transport from Paris and its stations, and carpooling.

Days of Mindfulness2019-10-29T16:23:32+01:00

Our Awareness Days are usually held every Sunday from 10:00 to 16:30. They are announced on the page of Days of Mindfulness of this site as well as on our facebook page.
You are invited to bring a vegan dish to share with everyone, to sign up quickly for the day (coming soon) and to think of offering your additional places in carpooling if you come by car.

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