Dear friends, the brothers of the healing Spring monastery have decided to provide opportunity for english speakers to attend our week-end retreats; 

It is our great pleasure to reopen our monasteries to welcome you for weekends of practice together in the Monastery, in person!

Who is it for?

Anyone can come and practice with us. You don’t need to have any experience of meditation or to be a Buddhist. You are welcome whether you are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, of another religion or atheist. The most important thing is that you wish to practice mindfulness and that you respect the rules of our monastery. Children are welcome, but we do not offer special activities for children. Parents must stay with the children and take care of them during their stay.

The next weekend retreats will be :



We will welcome you at the monastery as well as in a house close to the monastery. On the registration form you will be able to see the options still available, and indicate your needs.

You will share your room with one to three other friends; shared living is central to our practice, and we cannot offer you a single room. If you have this need, we recommend that you find another lodge near Verdelot and rent a room there.


The contribution is on donation, so it up to you. For your information, a donation of 80 to 120 euros for a 2 nights weekend allows us to eat well and live well. You can deposit your donation in the donation box in the meditation room.

>> For registration

(at the moment we haven’t set up the registration form in english, it will manifest soon, until then please do your best with the french version)

Thank you for your understanding.

The Program

Here is an example of the program (note that it may vary):


4pm – 6pm.     Arrival

6pm                  Dinner

20h.                  30′ guided sitting meditation, slow meditative walk.

Noble silence


6:30 a.m.         Sitting meditation 30′, touching the earth

7:30 am            Breakfast

9:30 am            Introduction to the practice

11:30am           Walking meditation

12:30                Silent meal with reading of the 5 contemplations

3pm – 5pm       Meditative Service

5pm                   Time to be with your body, sport…

6:00 pm            Dinner (15′ in silence)

8:00 pm           Sitting meditation, slow meditative walk, chanting and reading of Sutra

Noble silence


6:30 a.m.         Sitting meditation 45′

7:30 am            Breakfast

9 – 9:30 am     Meditative Service

10 am                 Dharma talk

11:30 a.m.       Walking meditation

12:30 pm         Lunch in silence with reading of the 5 contemplations

3 pm.                Dharma sharing

4:30 – 5 pm     End of the weekend