This Spring, from 7th to 11th June, the Healing Spring Monastery will be hosting our first International Wake Up Retreat.

As a volunteer you will help to enable a group of young people to come together, restore themselves and deepen their mindfulness practice. You will also be able to join the retreat activities during your free time.

We invite people who have previously attended big retreats at Plum Village to join and support our organizing team and resident community in translating, cooking and anything else necessary to make the retreat run smoothly.

Discount & Accomodation

  • For those people that have already registered for the wake-up retreat, you will receive a 50% discount on your reservation price once accepted as a volunteer.
  • For those people who have not yet registered, once accepted as a volunteer you can register for a room/camping on the wake-up retreat page and you will receive a 50% discount on your reservation price. If there are no more places available on the website once you are accepted as a volunteer then you will be required to camp and to make a donation on arrival.

If you are interested, then please fill out the application form for the Wake Up service retreat.

Please understand that it may take some time before the monastic brothers on the organising team can make the decisions regarding volunteers. We will contact accepted volunteers as soon as we can, but please be aware that we have limited capacity to respond to emails in the mean time.

We thank you for your patience!

For more information please write to us using the contact page on our website, section “Informations”.