Support Healing Spring Monastery

Last October, we started a new adventure by opening a new monastery in the Plum Village tradition near Paris.

This new project we happily wish to share with you needs your support. We are setting up a fund raising in order to improve and increase our hosting capacity.

Let us share with you the 4 most important projects that need your support:

External sanitary facilities:

This is a high priority for everyone. Complete renovation of an external building to improve sanitary comfort.

  • Renovation of roof, inner and outer insulation and three skylights.
  • Masonry, plumbing, electricity, heating, tiling and painting.
  • Inside equipment: 7 shower cubicles, 7 toilets, 3 washbasins.
  • Outside equipment: 6 washbasins, 3 urinals.

Cost: 65.000 €


Verandas will be useful to welcome the public, clean vegetables, wash dishes, and host a sterilizer.

  • A tea house will be organized in the veranda.
  • 39 m2 veranda, wooden structure carpentry.
  • Three doors and 3 skylights.
  • Fixed aluminum door frames.
  • Masonry: 40 m2 concrete slab.
  • 80 cm high wall (concrete blocks).
  • Electricity, plumbing and tiling.
  • Demolition of wall for passage between veranda and inside room.

Cost: 55.000 €

Kitchen equipment

Our kitchen must meet the new sanitary standards. Building this kitchen space will help us host more retreatants. This is our dearest wish.

Renovation of our 30 m2 kitchen:

  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Equipment such as extractor hood, cooker, worktop, stainless steel furniture…

Cost : 30.000 €

Replacement of our windows

This is to be done shortly. It is becoming an emergency for winter is coming.

Our current windows are made out of wood and are simple glazing.

  • 28 classic white aluminum double glazing windows.
  • Insulation is an important point for temperature reasons and energy saving.

Cost: 30.000 €

Please share this information with your sangha members, family and friends. We would be happy to welcome you in our new mindfulness practice center in the best conditions possible.

Thank you so much for your support.