In-kind Donations

All the big Sangha of the Plum Village practitioners supports the establishment of our new practice center and monastery in the Paris region. In parallel with monetary donations, it is also possible to support us with in-kind donations that will help us cover directly the needs of the community.

Our current needs

  • Furniture: chairs, desk, tables (all sizes, to check), bedroom furniture (coffee table, bedside table, chest of drawers, shelf, coat rack, wardrobe, bookcase …), garden furniture (chairs, tables. ..)
  • Bedding (one person): single beds and mattresses, mattress pads, fitted sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, sleeping bag
  • Kitchen equipment: gas cooker, electric or gas oven, pressure cooker, pressure cooker for rice
  • Cleaning material: brooms, mop, mop seal, broombrush, laundry baskets
  • Appliances: fridge, washing machine, dryer, freezer, vacuum cleaner
  • Lighting: lamp, bedside lamp, desk lamp
  • Gardening equipment: lawn mower, brush cutter, gardening tools, material for a greenhouse
  • DIY: tools (all types …), wood for DIY
  • Textiles: hand towels, tea towels
  • Various: firewood, exercise equipment, old Android smartphone

How to give

If you would like to donate one of these items to the community, send us a message with description and photo via the “contact” page, indicating that your request is for “In-kind Donation” or “Information” (“Donations” is reserved for donations in money at the moment).

We will then agree together if you can come and take it to the Healing Spring Monastery or if we can meet somewhere else to receive your donation. We ask that you do not deposit a donation in kind for the Healing Source Monastery in the Maison de l’Inspir, unless specifically agreed.