During this last month of installation and preparation, the big sangha has supported us enormously, coming to participate in the various necessary works, giving us furniture and materials the most diverse and useful, and continuing to fuel the fundraising that allows our monastery to exist.

Thanks to the efforts of all members of the sangha, monastic and lay, we can already see the transformation of the old convent and gite

Opening of the winter retreat

The good progress of our material installation allowed us to be able to open the 2018-2019 winter retreat at the Monastery of the Healing Source, in quadruple sangha with the sisters and practitioners of the House of the Inspir, on the date of the 18 November 2018.

This winter retreat is an opportunity for the sangha to cultivate the energies of mindfulness, concentration and insight and to root them deeply in this new environment. We know that our aspiration and our practice are the best way to pay homage and continue the path of Plum Village and Thay.

Opening ceremony

It was the first time that our young monastery received so many people; more than 100 people were present for the occasion. Thanks to the goodwill and support of all, the ceremony and the opening day of the Winter Retreat went very well and everyone was able to feed on the energy of practice as well as the delicious food. cooked and brought by all participants.

Participate in the winter retreat

During the three months of the winter retreat, the monks as well as many lay practitioners will practice deeply and collectively, not leaving the monastery.

Those who wish are also invited to join the retreat for a shorter period, for a week or even a weekend, to enjoy and contribute to the special energy of this first winter retreat.

In the same way, everyone is invited to join our sangha for a day of collective practice: a Day of Mindfulness. These days are organized almost every Sunday of the retreat, starting on November 18, for the opening ceremony of the winter retreat.